Savings from the Sun: How Long Do Solar Panels Last?

how long do solar panels last

If those electricity bills are making you sweat, you’ve probably thought about something more efficient and less costly. . . . Something like solar panels.

But solar panels don’t last long, or at least that’s what you’ve heard.

It’s time to put that age-old myth to rest. Solar panels are one of the greatest investments companies and homeowners can make. We’re here to tell you why.

If you’re asking, “How long do solar panels last, then?” read on for the answer, but expect to feel surprised. We promise not to say we told you so.

How Do Solar Panels Work?

In order to understand the longevity of the final answer we provide, it’s necessary to comprehend how solar panels function.

Everything begins with the panels. The panels collect sunlight, then convert it to electricity. The electricity flows to the inverter, which transforms the electricity into a type usable for your home or business.

Although percentages vary according to quality, most solar panels lose anywhere from 0.5% to 1% efficiency each year. This is due to the continual weather, heat and other factors.

How Long Do Solar Panels Last?

The number most people associate with solar panel life is 25 years. Let’s start there.

Almost all businesses provide 20 or 25-year warranties for their solar panels. This is the standard expectation across the board.

By about 25 years, most companies expect panels to function at 80% efficiency. Typically, efficiency rates are higher than expected after this time period. Even better, solar panels continue to provide electricity after this point.

That’s right: the general answer, 25 years, doesn’t take into account how long the panels continue to provide electricity afterward.

The Real Answer

The real answer to this question is much longer. In fact, many solar panels installed 40 years ago are still well and working today.

Furthermore, a 2012 study found most panels degrade by .5% or less each year, meaning the efficiency output remains higher than what most businesses guarantee after 25 years.

And here’s more good news: Within a decade, most homeowners’ initial investment has paid for itself. Many find solar panels pay for themselves in a little over seven years.

How Can They Survive So Long?

Solar panels are built to last.

They are made of durable material, including tempered solar glass. The construction lets them stand up to 90 mile-per-hour winds, hailstorms, extreme heat and more.

As you can tell, they don’t break easily.

On top of that, the degrading efficiency doesn’t stop your solar panels from working well past the warranty date. Panels can produce electricity 10 or even 20 years past the expected 25 years.

The reason most people immediately point to 25 years is that, past that point, experts believe the panels’ efficiency is reduced significantly.

Savings from the Sun

You wondered, “How long do solar panels last?” Now you have the answer: much longer than 25 years.

But the length of time your equipment works is directly linked to the quality of the material and the expertise of the company you work with.

Our team works one-on-one with companies and homeowners to walk them through the process of using solar energy, ensuring they understand exactly what to expect.

In addition to quality products and work, we employ honesty and excellence. Find out how much you can save today by contacting us, and let the sun power your life.