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Lower you Utility bill or eliminate it entirely. Federal, State, and Utility Incentives can reduce the total cost of the system by 55-85%*

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*Not all homeowners will be eligible for the full tax credit. Please consult a tax professional regarding your unique financial situation.
*For more information about special utility incentives, follow  the links below:

Additional information for North Carolina Incentives and South Carolina Incentives 

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We had interviewed two other companies prior to Accelerate Solar…they definitely came in top notch and still sometimes come by to check on things or just stop to say ‘hey’.Nancy West Raleigh
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  • More panels = more power = more savings.
  • Get solar panels that are built to last, and if they don't our warranties will c...
  • Lower your fixed costs. Save the planet. It’s a win-win.
  • Combined with an energy storage system, we can help you create your own micro-gr...
  • Fact: With help from a Duke Energy rebate & the 30% federal tax credit, you can ...
  • If your interested in backup power give us a call for Tesla’s Powerwall solution...
  • Call your SC Senators to demand a pro vote for the SC Energy Freedom Act to save...
  • We believe knowledge is power. That’s why before any installation, we fully educ...